Advantages for architects

We are all the architects of our own dreams.

What is possible in architecture need not be set in stone. Mental flexibility is better than one-track thinking. That is why the technical implementation of your ideas has to be as individualised and free as the way you conceived and designed them. The beauty of building for people is as much our passion as it is yours – flexibly, intelligently and simply, from the floor plan to the exterior cladding, whether in narrow city streets or atop high mountains. We do all that without putting walls around our ideas:. Our team of architects, construction engineers and trades plans and implements all trade work under one roof, together with you. We can respond immediately to quickly changing requirements or those specific to other countries, as in the case of technological advances, guidelines or trends. That makes everything even easier for you. In our thinking, we go well beyond the point of turnkey handover, making everything from alterations, extensions and repurposing to demolition possible later on. We can even relocate the complete building to a different plot. In a situation like that, concrete would tie you down.

Even with all of the freedom that Cadolto Modular Construction provides, it is built to last for as long as conventional buildings, and even longer. All building materials can be sorted and reused. Just one of our contributions to sustainable development and the future.

You can see it already: the reign of conventional building is crumbling – literally.

The future of building, with all the freedoms.

Your work is demanding.

High-tech functional buildings like hospitals, laboratories or data centres are presenting greater challenges than ever for architects and clients. Technological innovations are arriving faster every day. We are subject to the same functional architectural requirements as conventional builders, and building standards are multiplying apace – both in Germany and across the globe. In spite of this, we are maintaining our calm and mastering international standards with intelligent solutions in all countries.

Your work is straightforward.

There is a solution that consolidates comprehensive consulting, planning depth, close coordination of work, industrial production quality, and seamless logistics as never before: Cadolto Modular Construction technology.

Don’t build – Cadolto instead.

It’s actually a paradox: Cadolto modules get things moving. Conventional building is yesterday. Even now – but especially in future – our technology implements your individual architecture simply with modular building techniques: to high quality standards, quickly, economically and with extreme flexibility. All with the greatest architectural latitude.