Modular Construction

Cadolto’s modular construction technology

Cadolto Modular Construction.

Taking responsibility for tomorrow is what matters today. But conventional construction is actually a thing of the past. Noise, dust, emissions, weather impact, delays, trouble with trades, inefficiency – all obsolete. Odd, then, that this is still being practised today. Tomorrow is like uncharted territory. Like a virgin plot waiting to be built on. Like a blank sheet of paper that can accommodate all of the blueprints of this world – one that architects have filled with ideas before they have even begun drawing.

While tomorrow has not yet arrived, our dreams have. So let’s make them a reality – with modular construction.

Visions need their space.

Who actually decides what the world of tomorrow should look like? How we will live and work? Politicians? Academics? Artists? First and foremost, it’s people with ideas. The go-getters, the trend-setters, and the trailblazers. In other words, people like you and us. Cadolto creates custom constructions using modular building techniques free of architectural constraints, and does so fast, economically and flexibly. With fixed costs and deadlines – ideal for turnkey hospitals, data centres, laboratories and office buildings. Let’s just call it building for the future. For architects of the future. For planners of the next generation. For clients with a vision. For free space where you can play and dream.

The future of building, with all the freedoms. and joys that come with it. It's here at long last.

The higher your ideas soar, the deeper we can delve into our detailed plans.

Can trades work within an idea? Are ideas mobile? Can they be built, disassembled and rebuilt somewhere else? Yes, yes, and yes again.

Our planning experts translate your individual architectural brief into a modular construction plan, complete with all the technical systems and equipment. Then our trades get to work. At Cadolto, all trades work hand in hand – right there on site. Our plumbers, heating experts, air conditioning specialists, electricians and many others design and complete your modular structure. And it all happens as building foundations are being put in place. It couldn’t be more efficient, faster or more forward-looking.

A paradox? Constructing tomorrow in the buildings of today.

Are these ideas be prefabricated? Hold on a moment. Prefabricated ideas – isn’t that a contradiction in terms? No, it’s not. Cadolto meets the highest standards of industrial building prefabrication. We produce up to 90% of our products in our factory, constantly monitoring our quality, on time and on budget – and irrespective of the weather.

Where do we go from there? Into tomorrow – to your construction site.

Like you, Cadolto’s modular construction experts want to get things moving. That is why the building modules leave our factory fully equipped. That includes all medical, laboratory and building technologies, as well as tiles, window coverings, furnishings and exterior cladding. No matter how far we go, transport is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. At the construction site, our experts easily assemble and connect the modules into buildings that are ready for occupation. One particular advantage in the way we operate is that emissions at the construction site are minimal. That’s how we get things moving. Just in the places where an individualised, flexible future is in demand, many contractors are still stuck in the past – a past made of concrete.

Conventional construction belongs in the past. Cadolto Modular Construction.

While tomorrow has not yet arrived, our dreams and visions are here now. And so is the space to realise them in. We like building our way. And if everything changes tomorrow, we'll just take it down and move it somewhere else. That’s because “tomorrow” is whatever you make it, with our help: a building that is complete before it is assembled. Forward-looking, customised, exclusive, and without a single disadvantage compared to a conventional building. Oh, and by the way, modular construction is more than just a transitional solution. More than 70% of our construction projects are as much in use today as they were back then. The rest are being used in other forms. That is one of the ways we define “sustainability”.