Special solutions

Modular as always. Individualised as never before.

Times are changing. Sometimes faster than you think. In times like this it is a good idea to build the future with flexible modular structures rather than remaining stuck in concrete.

Whether you are adding floors, installing new wings, or extending existing buildings, Cadolto Modular Construction makes the process faster and more efficient than ever before. Not enough operating theatre capacity? We’ll find a solution. Is the business growing? We’ll make room. Need a VIP box for your stadium? We’ll build it. Operating on a tight time frame and budget? We’ll make it all possible. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Even now – but especially in future – our technology implements your individual architecture simply with modular building techniques. Whether it’s a guard post or a VIP box at the Bundesliga stadium, Cadolto Modular Construction meets the highest standards of industrial building prefabrication. All with the greatest architectural latitude.

We produce up to 90% of our products in our factory, constantly monitoring our quality, on time and on budget – and irrespective of the weather.