Fibre optic cables

High-speed access to the net. Fixed-network buildings by Cadolto.

The Internet is fast and is growing even faster. In order to keep pace, you have to be flexible both in your thinking and in your building. Do it with Cadolto fixed-network buildings, the perfect package solution for fibre-optic networks.

We build all of our products at the factory, not on-site. Everything you need is already built in.

  • Basic electrical installation
  • Alarm signals
  • Cable routing
  • False floor
  • Efficient air conditioning
  • Power supply
  • 19’’ racks and data cabinets

And best of all, delivered within only 12 weeks of ordering.

Cadolto supplies your complete fixed-network building from a single source, in turnkey condition and free of problems: Almost any size or feature is possible. We handle time-consuming arrangements with device manufacturers. In other words, we ensure perfect connections wherever you look.

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